Bridge Day 2013

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Bridge Day is West Virginia’s largest festival as well as the largest extreme sports event in the world, and a must attend event for both adventure seekers from around the world and visitors the area.  The festival is held in Fayette County on the 876’ high New River Gorge Bridge, the third longest suspension bridge in the world, and includes demonstrations of rappelling, ascending and BASE jumping.  Pedestrians are barred from the bridge every day of the year except for Bride Day, which takes place on Saturday October 19 this year (2013), when vehicular traffic is stopped during the festival. 

Not an adventure seeker yourself?  No worries, thousands upon thousands of onlookers attend the festival every year to watch the thrill seekers an experience the best views of the New River Gorge. Visitors can take shuttle tours down into the gorge, go whitewater rafting and watch the event from below or take guided tours along the catwalk which spans underneath of the bridge.

The New River Gorge Bridge is located about an hour and a half drive from the Hampton Inn.  Bridge day takes place once a year on the third Saturday of October.  For more information on Bridge Day, see the official website:

Book your room today for Bridge Day!

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