Hatfield and McCoy ATV Trails

Adventure seekers and history buffs alike will enjoy the Hatfield and McCoy ATV trails in southern West Virginia.  Composed of over 500 miles of trails which twist up, down and around the mountains, the Hatfield and McCoy trails also connect to many of West Virginia’s “ATV Friendly” towns where hungry riders can have a bite to eat.  The trails are in a region where most of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy family feuding took place over one-hundred years ago and many of the trail systems are on or near historical sites including Blair Mountain, Matewan and the Hatfield Cemetery.  ATV rentals and guided tours are available for visitors, and riders of every skill level will be able to find a trail they can ride.
The Hatfield and McCoy trail system is around and hour drive south of the Hampton Inn and the trails are a great opportunity for your family to experience the wild and wonderful mountains of West Virginia.  If you are not purchasing a package through the hotel, we want you to know that all riders must have a current trail pass, which is available on the official website ( http://www.trailsheaven.com ).  Be sure to stop by our front desk for any questions you may have, or to ask for directions. 

  • Hatfield and McCoy Trails Package
  • Hour drive south of Charleston
  • The best ATV, Motorcycle, and UTV trails in the east
  • Trails available for riders of all skill-levels
  • Scenic mountain region famous for the historic Hatfield and McCoy Feuds
  • Guided trails available
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